Glittering Patchwork Tree Skirt

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Let this stunning patchwork bring color and light to your home this holiday season. Hand-stitched and embroidered with incredible detail, and festooned with beads, sequins, and mirrors that twinkle in the holiday lights. Solid reverse. Spot clean. Dimensions: 45"dia.

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Artisans in Moradabad

About the Artisan

Your purchase helps artisans in Moradabad, India "graduate" and create independent businesses, breaking the cycle of poverty and preserving Indian culture and livelihood.

Since 2011, SERRV International has partnered with artisans in Moradabad, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for our orders. Through sales of their products, over 500 individual artisans from 49 different groups receive fair wages, business skills, and resources to... Read more...


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Work of art
Dec 31, 2023  |  By Laura Derr
The preceding reviews convinced me this tree skirt was worth the investment, and now I agree! Because it is so hefty, it stays in place and covers up the stand of my artificial tree very nicely. I'm very happy with this purchase, and with all the ornaments from around the world I have purchased through SERRV as well. All these high-quality handcrafts create such an atmosphere of the value of paying attention to beauty.

Blown AWAY
Jan 13, 2023  |  By Ashley
All of these comments about this skirt are SPOT ON! I don't even usually write reviews but this item deserves it. This thing sparkles in real life in a way that it's just can't in photos. It doesn't sparkle in a gaudy way either. It feels so special, and expensive. I hope to have this as our forever skirt. My husband (who gave me a hard time about it's price) said it's a shame we have to put gifts on it. Treat yourself and buy this thing!

Patchwork Tree Skirt
Jan 3, 2023  |  By Diane
Skirt is beautiful and well made. Love it!

Patchwork tree skirt
Dec 20, 2022  |  By Conrad Cole
Really really nice!

Stunningly beautiful
Feb 3, 2022  |  By Belle
I am happy to have purchased this skirt right after Christmas 2021 to use every year going forward. Another reviewer's comment regarding displaying this skirt all year is no exaggeration - if possible, I would do so. I will certainly appreciate this year's holiday season to come. Christmas will start early this year!

Gorgeous colors
Dec 23, 2021  |  By Nancy V Baker
Replacing a nostalgic but shabby 20-year-old tree skirt wasn't easy. The new skirt had to be perfect. And this one is: crafted of various colorful and glittering pieces of fabric, it enhances the tree dramatically. It seems very well made by an artisan in India, and it's fair trade.

Dec 22, 2021  |  By Diane
I purchased this tree skirt as a gift for my grandson and his wife. She is from Nepal and I thought this gift would bring a little bit of her culture into the holiday season. The item is very well made and has hand sewn embellishments on it. It is also quite heavy and will not get all rumpled under the tree. I think it is very beautiful and I am excited to see them open the present in a couple of days!

Annie B
Dec 28, 2020  |  By Ann Willaman
This tree skirt is simply lovely. I wish there was a way I could display it all year long. It's that pretty. Thanks you, SERRV, for something that will be used and enjoyed for many holidays to come.

Richly festive
Dec 2, 2020  |  By Vickie
This tree skirt is much more beautiful in person. The incredible detail and abundance of metallic threads, the rich colors and weighty fabric cannot be appreciated from a picture. The tree will look full even without the presents. I am delighted with this purchase. I have looked for a new tree skirt for some time and this is definitely worth the price.