Hope & Justice Dark Coffee

Handcrafted in Colombia & Peru   |   95736
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Big, bold, and complex in nature, this dark roast organic coffee features tasting notes of dark chocolate and grapefruit for an indulgent cup any time of day. Each bag is made from organic, shade-grown coffee beans cultivated by family farmers in Colombia and Peru who are committed to preserving their communities for current and future generations. Ground. 12 oz.

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Just Coffee

About the Artisan

Just Coffee is a 100% fair trade, worker-owned coffee roaster dedicated to transparency, equality, and human dignity. Your purchase helps change the way the coffee business works, building social and economic justice and long-term relationships with small-scale coffee growers.

A visit to a Mayan coffee cooperative in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, convinced a few social entrepreneurs from Wisconsin that sales of coffee in the U.S. could help disadvantaged coffee farmers.... Read more...


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Wonderful coffee!!!
Oct 21, 2023  |  By Renee Weitzner
This coffee is simply delicious! The aroma and the taste are divine!

Delicious Coffee
Jun 7, 2023  |  By M.
I gave this coffee as a gift to a friend, who said that it was delicious.

Dark Coffee Yes
Feb 6, 2023  |  By Bill
This is one of my favorites, Very good coffee. I have tried all types from Serrv and continued to purchase these as It's nice changing up flavors. I love that we support small growers and fair trade. Have given as gifts and people enjoy them. I like the dark roast and think you will too.

Delicious Coffee
Nov 30, 2022  |  By Mary
I gave this coffee as a gift to a friend. She said that it was deliciou. She also appreciated that the coffee was fair trade.

Bold, Robust, & Dark
Oct 14, 2021  |  By Barb Reisner
Perfect for that first cup in the morning & with an afternoon snack !

Nov 28, 2020  |  By wille peters
Always good coffee

Sep 10, 2020  |  By Eloise Marsh
Delicious full flavor

perfect sibling Christmas present
Aug 19, 2020  |  By Margaret Zufall Roberts
Every year I put together a gift basket for each of my siblings. This will be perfect it it!

Prefer this
Dec 26, 2016  |  By Marianne
I prefer this blend to the Sisterhood Solidarity. I prefer stronger blends, in general; strong and full-bodied and not bitter.

Fancy coffee!!
Dec 24, 2016  |  By Karen
You know how you have your normal "home" coffee and then have "fancy tasting" coffee at a coffee shop - this is that fancy coffee. It tastes great!! My husband and I really enjoy it. We plan on buying several more.