Spicy Split Pea Soup Mix

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This comforting, hearty soup is easy to make-- just add water or broth, garlic and tomatoes to create a delicious pot. Gluten-free, Kosher and Vegan. Serves 6-8. 13 oz. (370g).

Ingredients: green split peas, spices (crushed red pepper, coriander, cumin, mace, cayenne pepper, mustard powder, fenugreek, cinnamon, ginger), salt, turmeric (for color), and garlic.

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Women's Bean Project

About the Artisan

Your purchase helps at-risk women in Denver break the cycle of chronic poverty and unemployment.

Since 1997, SERRV International has partnered with Women's Bean Project, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for our orders. Through sales of their products, at-risk women receive skills training and income, replacing the effects of demoralizing poverty with self-confidence and hope. These sales also support small, local farmers, from whom... Read more...


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Spicy Split Pea Soup
Mar 20, 2024  |  By Karen Sommer
My husband & I both love this soup! I cooked it for dinner this evening, & we had garlic bread with it. The Women's Bean Project is great!

Feb 17, 2023  |  By Kate
The included seasoning packet turned my regular pea soup into my most delicious pea soup ever!

Delicious Soup Mix
Jan 1, 2023  |  By Mary
I gave this soup mix to my sister. She and her daughter's family said that it was delicious.

Delicious Soup
Dec 17, 2021  |  By M
I gave this as a gift to a vegetarian friend, who said that it was delicious.

Feb 13, 2021  |  By Barbara Alling
This was delicious. We liked the spicy flavor. I did not follow directions but put the chopped onion and thinly cut carrots with split peas and vegetable broth at start of recipe. A bit healthier. For us the soup was perfect.

split pea soup mix
Feb 13, 2021  |  By Linda Richardson
Absolutely delicious!

The best split pea soup we've had!
Dec 19, 2020  |  By Carolyn
We absolutely love this soup! The spices are phenomenal! I added shallots as well as the red onion. I'm about to purchase more for my extended family to try!

Split Pea Soup
May 23, 2020  |  By Charlie
Soup was delicious - not too spicy at all. Second purchase of the Women's Bean Project soups.

Thanks Brenda, Nikita and Jennifer
Dec 20, 2019  |  By Vincen
My personal favorite soup. Really good idea. The spices are fresh and really good.

May 17, 2019  |  By Lucille A. Patrone
I cook everything from scratch but chose to purchase the soup to support the project. This soup surpassed all my expectations. On opening the packet, I noted the split peas were a vibrant green color; they proved to be the tastiest split peas I have ever used. The spice mix is excellent. This soup will be my go to split peas soup; will no longer be making from scratch. Looking fowatd to trying the other soups and the chili mix.

Best soup ever!
Apr 17, 2019  |  By Sheila K Malone
I have been a vegan most of my 70 odd years and hands down this is the best split pea soup ever. I also love how easy it is to make so I am a fan not just of the quality of the soup but of the whole package including the Women of the Women's Bean Project.

a delicious soup
Feb 22, 2019  |  By Susan Garzon
My husband and I really enjoyed the split pea soup. The spices were just right, tasty and not too hot.

Best Split pea soup ever!
Sep 16, 2018  |  By Sheila Malone
I love this site and everything that is offered! This site empowers people/artisans around the world while offering amazing products at fabulous prices. This soup by the Woman's Bean Project is not only the easiest split pea soup to make; it is the best tasting soup mix I have ever tried and that comes from a life long vegan of over 70 years! This soup is empowering woman right here at home in the US and that makes this the best deal on the planet for my wallet! Thank you!