Discover our broad variety of kitchen, home, jewelry, wellness, and travel items made with recycled cotton saris! Every piece is unique, depending on the available fabric and the artisan's design style. These popular items are hand sewn or woven by women in India and Bangladesh. Many of our recycled sari items also feature traditional kantha running stitch embroidery.

Recycled Sari Crafts

Textile waste is one of the largest contributors to landfills in the world. Americans alone generate over 15 million tons per year. But upcycled sari crafts take these discarded textiles and turn them into colorful works of art. Shop our vibrant collection of fair trade handcrafts made from recycled sari, and bring a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory, home accent, or kitchen textile to your home today.

Recycled Sari Fashion

Help combat fast fashion when you shop upcycled sari bags, jewelry, and accessories from India and Bangladesh. Each sari purse, necklace, and bracelet is made from upcycled sari fabric, making it truly unique and adding a pop of color to your everyday that'll last beyond the latest trends. Be eco-conscious on the go with our ethical Kantha Makeup and Toiletry Bags from India, made with colorful recycled saris and perfect for cosmetics, art supplies, electronics and more. Packing for your next big trip? Our sustainable Sari Packing Cubes will help keep your luggage organized. Add a Kantha Luggage Tag to help your suitcase stand out in a crowd. We also carry sari bags for weekend travel and everyday use. Looking for a new handbag? Choose an upcycled sari purse, and you'll stand out from the crowd!

Want to wear something no one else at the party will have? Our eco-friendly sari jewelry pieces from India will bring goes-with-anything style to your outfit. Our necklaces made with hand-wrapped beads feature a rainbow of recycled saris, or you can choose from our selection of cool toned accessories for a more subtle look. Add on a pair of recycled sari earrings to complete the look, or give a set as a one-of-a-kind gift.

Recycled Sari Home

Stay organized with upcycled sari baskets in your home. Our partners in Bangladesh hand-wrap recycled sari around sustainable kaisa grass, giving you one-of-a-kind storage while earning vital income. Skip the plastic with our Katra Sari Nesting Storage Baskets, or store blankets, toys and more in our handwoven Sari Hogla Baskets. Looking to stay warm? Try a super soft and cozy Recycled Sari Throw or Quilt. Each one is made from colorful squares of upcycled cotton sari and hand-stitched with kantha embroidery by artisans in India. They also make great picnic and travel blankets!

Recycled Sari Kitchen

Keep clean in colorful style with fair trade kitchen textiles crafted from upcycled cotton saris. Our popular Kantha Dish Towels are soft, absorbent, and great for cleaning up messes without showing stains. Cooking or baking? An Upcycled Sari & Denim Apron from Bangladesh is an ethical way to protect your clothes in the kitchen. If you're looking for ways to reduce waste, our Sari Produce Bags and Bowl Covers will help you eliminate one-time use plastic while utilizing sustainable materials. Shop SERRV for more one-of-a-kind recycled sari kitchen textiles.