Sustainable Garden Decor, Tools & Supplies

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Fair Trade Garden

When you shop fair trade, you support a more sustainable lifestyle and a greener planet. That's why we carry a wide variety of eco-friendly garden supplies, from natural planters to recycled décor and more. Spring planting and year-round decorating will be a breeze with our sustainable garden products from around the world.

Eco-friendly garden supplies

Our unique collection of fair trade garden items is handmade by global artisans using a variety of eco-friendly materials.

  • Cozy birdhouses and feeders made from natural galtang vine and takip-asin wood or partially-recycled iron are perfect for your backyard or patio. Don't forget your smaller winged friends--we also carry a handmade Mason Bee House and Butterfly House to give these pollinators a safe and cozy place to rest.
  • Handmade garden stakes and wall art crafted from recycled oil drums in Haiti bring color and interest to any outdoor space. Choose year-long favorites like our Hummingbird Stake, or find some unique holiday decorations like a Pumpkin Stake or our Recycled Metal Peace Art.
  • Natural planters made by artisans in Bangladesh from terracotta clay house your plants with rustic appeal. Our earthy terracotta Bird Planter or Globe Planters are great for your home or garden. Pair with a Mango Wood or Recycled Iron Plant Stand to take it up a notch!
  • Melodious wind chimes made from natural bamboo and recycled metal bring musical charm to your home with every breeze. Listen to some of our most popular chimes and pick your favorite!
  • Essential garden tools from India made with partially-recycled metal make gardening easy and eco-friendly.
  • Garden accessories made from natural block-printed cotton and recycled feedbags help carry your garden must-haves from your home to your garden. Our Dabu Gardening Apron is perfect for holding tools, seed packets, and more (plus, you can use it indoors for art and cooking!). For carrying seeds or larger tools, our Recycled Feedbag Garden Tote is the answer.

Whatever your garden task, you can make it easy and fun with global and eco-friendly fair trade garden items.