Awaken & Relax Bath Salts Set

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This set of aromatic bath salt blends is made with genuine sea salt from the South African coast and expertly paired for a unique spa experience. Set includes a bright and energizing Lemongrass & Ginger blend and a soothing Lavender & Eucalyptus blend. Packaged in a giftable paper box for an easy wellness gift.

Ingredients: Awaken: 97.5% Yellow Lemongrass Salt, 1% Lemon Oil, 1% Grapeseed Oil, 0.5% Ginger Oil; Relax: 98.75% Salt, 0.5% Lavender Oil, 0.5% Grapeseed Oil, 0.25% Eucalyptus Oil. Dimensions: 6.76 oz. ea.; Box: 6 1/2"h x 4"w x 2"d

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Your purchase creates jobs in a country with astounding rates of unemployment. Nearly 60% of black women and half of South Africa's youth are unable to find jobs.

Since 2014, SERRV International has partnered with farmers in South Africa, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for our orders. Through sales of their products, nearly 500 South Africans, including small, semi-rural producers receive employment, job and life skills training,... Read more...