Minimalist Boat Basket Tote

Handcrafted in Ghana   |   96124
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This simple but sophisticated handmade basket tote is woven from organically-dyed elephant grass into a simple geometric pattern by artisans in Ghana. Great for storage, décor, or on-the-go. Due to handmade nature, patterns and colors will vary. Height includes leather-wrapped handles. 18"h

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Global Basket Weavers

About the Artisan

Your purchase creates steady employment and social benefits for artisan women in Rwanda, Ghana, and Uganda.

Since 2022, SERRV International has partnered with African basket weavers who benefit from fair trade partnerships. Through sales of their products, women artisans in rural communities in Rwanda, Ghana, and Uganda earn vital income, allowing them to pay school fees for their children, obtain basic healthcare for their families, and reinvest in their communities through... Read more...