Woven Petal Wreath
Woven Petal Wreath

Woven Petal Wreath

Handcrafted in Philippines   |   74485
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Artists in the Philippines form this cheerful abaca wreath by hand. Use it all year long to bring a splash of color! Hanging loop on back. To preserve its color and shape, protect from rain and exposure to direct sunlight. 17"dia

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Handcrafters in the Philippines

About the Artisan

Your purchase enables marginalized Filipino artisans from the poorest urban and rural communities to become self-reliant through skilled handcrafting by selling their handcrafted products in local and global fair trade markets.

Since 1976, SERRV International has partnered with handcrafters in the Philippines, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for our orders. Through sales of their products, artisans who rely on handcrafting as their... Read more...


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Avoid UV!
Mar 3, 2024  |  By Katherine Miller
Lovely wreath, but too delicate to hang on my front door (behind storm door). After just a few weeks, colors had faded away. This wreath should not be placed in direct sunlight.

Feb 7, 2024  |  By Megan Jones
Ordered one for my mother-in-law and when I showed it to my husband he made that face like " can't we keep it for us?". I said no but we can order another one!!! He thought it was so beautiful he didn't want to pass it along to his mom! I was so happy because I wanted one once I saw it but never thought I could talk my way in the purchase of two! SERRV is always my first go to when I need a gift for someone or (ok) for me! Easy to fluff up if needed so no worries! Only worry is when they get sold out!!

Jul 11, 2022  |  By CAS
I had been looking for a wreath to go above a guest bed for some time. This beautifully made wreath is absolutely perfect for this room. It arrived timely, and with a minute or two of fluffing, up it went. It adds a lovely a pop of color.

Mar 21, 2022  |  By Sigrid
Lovely wreath. Just needs a bit of fluffing upon unpacking. Can be used year after year and is not too bulky like some others.

Lovely wreath
Apr 2, 2021  |  By Ann
Had positive comments as soon as I hung it on front door. Great as is but even prettier when the blossoms are rearranged and wreath is fuller. Great value.

Pastel Wreath
Mar 26, 2021  |  By Darlyne Watts-Jurgens
Very pretty but the picture in the catalog makes it seem fuller than it actually is.

Spring Colors
Apr 17, 2020  |  By Kimberly Poulton
Love the delicacy of this colorful wreath for Spring - however, the picture shown appears much fuller than what I received.

Lovely wreath!
Mar 31, 2020  |  By Emily
Ordered this wreath for my mom and myself, and we're both very happy with it! It seems very well made (like all Serrv products I've gotten) and is a perfect cheerful wreath for my front door. I had been looking for a seasonal wreath for spring/summer, and this fits for both perfectly.