So happy I purchased this!

Jun 14, 2023  |  Posted By Michele Aubin from Worcester, MA United States

You will not be disappointed with this beautiful vase! I was impressed by its thickness and how substantial it feels when you pick it up. The varying shades of the mango wood add to its beauty. I purchased the Rosebud Sola Stems to go with it and they look perfect together. Highly recommend.

Mango Wood Oval Vase

Dec 23, 2022  |  Posted By Douglas from Saint Louis, MO United States

This Mango wood vase is designed with beautiful banding that exhibits the natural wood grain and gives the piece a unique presence. The vase shows outstanding craftsmanship and quality!

Smooth and waem

Jul 11, 2022  |  Posted By Jean-Marie Allion from Hamtramk, MI United States

Everyone loves this wooden vase with its sbtje hues. One can almost taste the mangoes it once carried.


Oct 23, 2021  |  Posted By Bridget Moore from Pioneer , CA United States

The oval vase and corn husk sunflowers are beautiful on our coffee table!

Mango Wood Oval Vase

Aug 28, 2021  |  Posted By Mary L Morgan from HAYS, KS United States

Absolutely beautiful! Sturdy but very graceful, with great visual appeal due to the varied textures of the wood pieces. I marvel at the skill of the artisan who crafted this lovely object.