32855 - Copper Tea Light Nativity

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It's staying out all year

Mar 20, 2023  |  Posted By Karen from Birmingham, AL United States

I love this nativity so much I'm leaving it out year round. While small, the color and design draw your eye. The tea light holder on the back fits both real and flameless candles. I always decorate with tons of candles, but when more realistic flame less styles came out I switched! A faux flame isn't just safer, it means they can go almost anywhere! Sadly, I've yet to find a tea light that has a more realistic style. If you're not obsessed about matching flameless candles, like most normal people... ha, then any flameless tea light will look good! 5 STARS IS FOR NOT NEEDING A CANDLE TO LOOK GOOD! Honestly, the front side reflects light beautifully from any nearby light source! Its hammered surface creates a unique blend of light and shadow - the raised spots reflecting light, creating shadows on the indented spots. *Last thing - how I decorated with it differently. Looking at tall bookcases/cabinets for a good spot. Before I stepped back to view the whole space, I carefully sat it on the nearest shelf. When I walked back, I saw its random "resting spot" was in front of a small circular mirror standing at the back of shelf. The mirrored surface behind it made it stand out even more! I did try it in front of larger and different shaped mirrors and feel any mirrored background highlights it. I went with the circular one once I saw the mirror is 7 inches in diameter - almost a perfect size backdrop for the dimensions of the nativity!