45772 - Soapstone Turtle Dove Ornaments - Set of 2

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Beautiful Doves

Sep 29, 2023  |  Posted By Sarah from Medina, OH United States

I love these, beautifully colored, carved and etched. I will keep these hanging all year. The only thing is I had to replace the cords they were on, they started to completely fray and undoing the knot.

Perfect sign of PEACE

Dec 4, 2022  |  Posted By Theresa Nixdorf from Islip Terrace, NY United States

Love these ornaments. They are beautifully crafted and will make perfect little gifts at a time when PEACE is so needed. I am hanging mine year round , They are too pretty to use just at Christmastime.

Beautifully detailed

Nov 15, 2022  |  Posted By Diane Cooper from Jacksonville, ON United States

I just received my turtle dove ornaments. These are simply lovely. I so admire the careful work that went into these and I pleased that, in my own little way, I can support the artists who made these. Each one is a little piece of art and I can't wait to hang them in a special place on my Christmas tree. I look forward to enjoying them for years to come.