46367 - Indu Breadwarmer

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So pretty color

Feb 25, 2024  |  Posted By FJ from Mill Valley, CA United States

This bread warmer defenetly has unique and pretty color. It looks amazing and very well made. I wish it would be possible to attach pictures in reviews. The SERRV sticker that was uttached to the button of the stone was super hard to peel and unfortunately ended up taking off some color from the underneath of stone but luckily that hidden. Other than sticker the product itself is great.


Dec 14, 2023  |  Posted By Avonlea from Cottleville, MO United States

This is a beautiful and unique bread basket. I do wish it had a lid or cloth of some kind to help trap in the heat, regardless I love it and would recommend it to others.

Indra Breadwarmer

Dec 15, 2022  |  Posted By Christine Davi from Bayside, NY United States

I've bought many breadwarmers from SERRV over the years. They make great gifts. I must say this is my favorite and very well made.