23171 - 6 Little Bars

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Chocolate in a perfect size

Mar 4, 2024  |  Posted By Virginia from New Orleans, LA United States

These chocolate bars are perfect for Easter baskets or a quick snack.

Really tasty!

Nov 24, 2023  |  Posted By Tom from Greenville, NC United States

We buy these all the time. A great little treat. Love giving them as part of a gift. So nice knowing they help support an independent dealer. Will be back for more, soon.

6 little chocolate bars

Sep 2, 2023  |  Posted By Jan from Falling Waters , WV United States

Arrived in great shape. Attractively packaged.

A Review of 6 little bars of fair trade chocolate from Ghana

Jul 14, 2023  |  Posted By Jean Marie Naples from Suffern, NY United States

All items that I ordered were well packages and protected from the heat by shipment in cooler reusable bags. I have tried and recommend the chocolate and will wait to share more of the bars with my friends in Ghana. I approve of the reasonable prices for the chocolate bars. Thank you for offering the product.

Perfect Easter candy for my oldest grandson!

Jun 15, 2023  |  Posted By Sheila Malone from Farmingdale, ME United States

These minibars are my eldest greatgrandson's favorites! I have been buying them for a number of years!

Yummy chocolate

Feb 21, 2023  |  Posted By Linda from Clearwater, FL United States

Very smooth and great taste. Perfect size for taste testing.

Great Gift, Good Value

Feb 4, 2023  |  Posted By Shirley Ogletree from San Marcos, TX United States

I've ordered these little bars a number of times and have often given them as gifts. There are one of the best buys that SERRV offers.

Great little sampler!

Feb 3, 2023  |  Posted By Nicole from Tampa, FL United States

All these bars have the high quality I expect from Divine Chocolate. They make excellent stocking stuffers, Valentines, or just a sampler to help decide among Divine flavors in the big bars!

candy bars

Jan 29, 2023  |  Posted By Lois Schultz from Attica, MI United States

tastes really good


Jan 29, 2023  |  Posted By Kim Mcnutt from Silver Spring, MD United States

Gave to a friend who is in rehab. She said delicious

My Great-grandson's favorite candy

Jan 1, 2023  |  Posted By Sheila K Malone from Farmingdale, ME United States

I have been buying these little chocolate bars for my Great-grandson for the last few years for Halloween, Christmas, his birthday, and anytime he asks. Most chocolate candy is really sweet and not always good for you. I personally believe these are the best chocolate candy I have ever tasted. My Great-grandson is 12 now and does not like most sweets so when I can buy them for him I know it's a good thing.

6 Little Bars

Dec 25, 2022  |  Posted By Deborah Parker from Caro, MI United States


The Best Little Bars!

Dec 5, 2022  |  Posted By LindaR from Ware, MA United States

These delicious bars are a big hit with everyone I have gifted them to over the last year or so. I keep coming back to purchase more of them! The perfect size for a little sweet treat.

Everyone loves these

Nov 15, 2022  |  Posted By Martha Serafin from West boylston, MA United States

I've used these for favors and for prizes at a shower. What else can you get for that price that is so good.

6 Little Bars

Nov 14, 2022  |  Posted By Michele F from Fairfield, NJ United States

The 6 Little Bars of Divine Chocolate were such delightful treats - and provided taste testers for each of the six flavors. Definitely will be coming back for more! The quality of Divine chocolates are exceptional and at a reasonable price!


Nov 4, 2022  |  Posted By Becky from Madison, OH United States

Full, rich flavor. Each flavor was unique and distinct. Melt in your mouth, Delicious!

Best Chocolate candy available!

Nov 3, 2022  |  Posted By Sheila Malone from Farmingdale, ME United States

I buy the mini Bars of this wonderful chocolate for my Great Grandson as he does not like most candy. This was a huge hit for Halloween! His Birthday is coming up soon so I will be needing more of this incredibly rich creamy chocolate to help him celebrate!

Very happy

Apr 27, 2022  |  Posted By Susi Brower from VINCENNES, IN United States

I couldn't be more satisfied with your merchandise and customer service. Especially the variety of choices.

Great gifts

Apr 19, 2022  |  Posted By Coline from LOS ANGELES, CA United States

Great chocolates and great packaging for gifts. I bought several of them for gifting.

Very good

Apr 5, 2022  |  Posted By Coline from Los Angeles, CA United States

Very good chocolates, flavors for all tastes, presentation done with care, perfect for a gift.

Delicious Chocolate Treat

Feb 22, 2022  |  Posted By Diane Kay from Laurelton, NY United States

Wonderful single-serving treats for all tastes. The raspberry flavored was my favorite!

Review of Divine chocolate bar set

Feb 8, 2022  |  Posted By Jean Marie Naples from Suffern., NY United States

I purchased this Divine chocolate product which is Fair Trade chocolate that is produced from cocoa beans that are grown and harvested by the Kuapa Kokoo Cooperative farmers whose farms are found in the Kumasi rainforest in Ghana. This chocolate was purchased for myself and for my family of friends in Tema, Ghana. The product is delicious and I am saving the major portion of these products for my friends in Ghana. I hope for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ability to return to Ghana later this year. I will give this Fair Trade chocolate to my family friends in Ghana. Thank you for offering this product to purchase, enjoy and provide support for the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative farmers in Ghana.

Perfect Collection to Sample

Jan 25, 2022  |  Posted By Lori from Palm Bay, FL United States

A very nice assortment of delicious chocolates. They were a birthday gift for my son who loves dark chocolate but doesn't like the usual way companies get the cocoa beans. He was looking for Fair-Trade chocolate, so this was perfect. We'll be buying more! (The only negative: shipping cost as much as the chocolate).


Jan 20, 2022  |  Posted By Debra Starling Watson from EDEN, NC United States

I enjoyed eating these chocolates from different places.


Jan 20, 2022  |  Posted By Victoria J from San Diego, CA United States

high quality chocolate. delicious!

6 Little Bars

Jan 19, 2022  |  Posted By Beth G Esselstrom from Esko, MN United States

I love these little bars--nice variety of some of the best Divine flavors. I've given the entire package as a gift or split them up as part of individual hostess gifts (all of the pleasure and a fraction of the guilt!).

Fun, and delicious

Jan 10, 2022  |  Posted By Peggy from Claremont , CA United States

Pick a friend and have a little tasting party with these chocolates. Perfect size to share and enjoy with coffee or wine

Nice job

Dec 9, 2021  |  Posted By Carole Hedlund from Shakopee, MN United States

Everything was correct

Delicious little chocolate bars.

Dec 8, 2021  |  Posted By Diane Wilt from Lafayette , CA United States

These little chocolate bars are delicious and beautifully packaged. I buy them every Christmas and give them to friends. Great flavor variety.

Perfect Little Gift

Nov 22, 2021  |  Posted By Marielle Ainsworth from Cooperstown, NY United States

Just what I was looking for to hand out to those people you just need a little something for--nicely packaged.

six little bars

Nov 16, 2021  |  Posted By Elaine Barker from Youngstown, OH United States

They were delicious. I buy every Christmas from this catalog and have never been disappointed. The quality of these chocolate bars was superb!

Love it

Nov 14, 2021  |  Posted By Beth Gray-Nix from Natick, MA United States

I love your chocolate and this a great size for a stocking Not a fan of white chocolate though

free gift of 6 little bars of chocolate

Nov 9, 2021  |  Posted By Terri Coupel from BATON ROUGE, LA United States

Very good and just the right size. Much appreciated.


Nov 9, 2021  |  Posted By Vicki Kopacka from Washington, NJ United States

As always, everything was perfect.

Excellent Affordable Gift

Nov 8, 2021  |  Posted By Shirley Ogletree from San Marcos, TX United States

This gift is already "wrapped" for giving, and I've found it to be very popular with the individuals who have received it.

Delicious Chocolate Bars

Nov 5, 2021  |  Posted By Mary C Payrow-Olia from Sandy Springs, GA United States

I gave these chocolate bars as part of an anniversary gift. The recipients greatly enjoyed the taste and the smaller size of the chocolate bars.

Best little gift ever.

Apr 24, 2021  |  Posted By mhp from winona, MN United States

I buy these packs of sample chocolate to give as hostess gifts, graduation gifts, thanks for helping out gifts, for me when I need a chocolate fix gift.

Delicious Chocolate Bars

Feb 14, 2021  |  Posted By Mary C Payrow-Olia from Sandy Springs, GA United States

My daughter-in-law was excited to receive these as a Valentine's treat. She appreciates the smaller size of these delicious chocolate bars.


Jan 8, 2021  |  Posted By Jody Maguire from Clarkston , MI United States

I used these as stocking stuffers and my family loved them. That enjoyed the variety. They were delicious!

Divine mini chocolate bar set

Jan 6, 2021  |  Posted By Barbara Drew from Newtown , PA United States

We loved the size, variety and quantity for this set! All recipients were de-lighted!


Dec 17, 2020  |  Posted By Rhonda from Boone, IA United States

This is a great way to sample and pick your favorites for future purchases. Delicious!

Best Chocolate Ever

Dec 16, 2020  |  Posted By Vicky Rhodes from Vancouver, WA United States

I have ordered the Divine chocolates many times and they have been as the name says, divine. I have given them as gifts and received rave reviews from the recipients ("more please!"). You can't go wrong with any of these chocolates.

Wonderful gifts!

Dec 15, 2020  |  Posted By TPF from Columbus, OH United States

I was thrilled to stumble upon this wonderful website, with such a wonderful concept. These little packets of chocolates have made wonderful gifts.


Dec 7, 2020  |  Posted By KATY Jean BASSETT from Victor, MT United States

As always, I am very pleased with all my latest purchases from you. These are all gifts for loved ones and they are so happy to receive the gifts from fair trade that show the commitment and caring put into them. Thank you

Delicious chocolate

Nov 12, 2020  |  Posted By Mary Payrow-Olia from Sandy Springs, GA United States

My daughter-in-law loves these Divine chocolate bars, especially with coffee or red wine. Great gift for any occasion,

Perfect gift

Nov 7, 2020  |  Posted By Julie Koledo from marshall, MI United States

My 89 yo mom is giving these to her young adult grandchildren In her budget and well received!

Best chocolate avaliable

Oct 16, 2020  |  Posted By Sheila Malone from Farmingdale, ME United States

I have a great-grandson who loves your chocolate. I get him the small bars for Holloween and Christmas and occasionally will buy other bars as presents for others.

Great Selection of Chocolate Bars

Apr 10, 2020  |  Posted By Mary Payrow-Olia from Sandy Springs, GA United States

My daughter-in-law loved this selection of chocolate bars. The small bars were perfect to entice someone who is conscious of calories, but who likes chocolate.

Great features!

Apr 4, 2020  |  Posted By Janine Harman from Unionville, CT United States

Candy bars taste great and are the perfect small size.

Good Chocolate

Jan 30, 2020  |  Posted By Martha from VENTURA, CA United States

I love chocolate, and these little bars are perfect for a light treat. They are not over-sweet, they have good texture, and they have wonderful flavors.

6 little Divine bars

Dec 27, 2019  |  Posted By Rita from Omaha, AL United States

Nice, affordable gifts. 6-bar set has good variety & attractive packaging.

Yummy chocolate! Perfect size!

Nov 12, 2019  |  Posted By Karen Morrissey from Washington, DC United States

I am a big fan of Divine chocolate and these tiny bars don't disappoint. They are just the right size for my young adult children's Christmas stockings. A yummy and completely satisfying treat!


Oct 15, 2019  |  Posted By Roxanne W. Larsen from Oakdale, MN United States

This, I believe, is the 2nd or 3rd time I have ordered the Divine Chocolates from SERRV. They are always top quality, arrive on time and the packaging is excellent. I love the packaged "coins", new this year, I believe. And, I especially love the miniature bars of different chocolate. I give both of these for Christmas gifts. Actually, I also use to sell the chocolates at my church as a fund raiser. So I have been involved with SERRV for quite a while.

Petite delight creating a rich, mouth watering experience!

Sep 4, 2019  |  Posted By Joanne C. Resch from Fort Plain, NY United States

A perfect way to sample the delicious variety of Divine Chocolate Bars for oneself or as a special gift. Made to order for little hands as well as bigger ones, too! A great yet elegant stocking stuffer, hostess gift or fundraiser gift basket.

Chocolate bars!

Apr 3, 2018  |  Posted By Bonnie from St. Croix Falls, WI United States

I bought this set of small chocolate bars for the Easter baskets. There were several different kinds and they were a big hit. Just the right size and a notch above the typical Easter candy. Very affordable also!

6 Little Bars-Petite Sampler

Mar 30, 2018  |  Posted By Rosie from WAUWATOSA, WI United States

These are so cute and are popular at our church Divine Chocolate sales. They are great as a teacher's present, hostess gift, dining table place card, birthday present, employee Christmas gifts or for older kid's Easter baskets (either as a complete package or broken apart).


Mar 22, 2018  |  Posted By John from Norwich, CT United States

6 Little Bars - great as occasional gifts


Feb 1, 2018  |  Posted By LOIS from STATE COLLEGE, PA United States

This is a great marketing/packaging idea. The assortment of flavors combined with the price makes this item a great choice for a "little something" gift.

So adorable!

Dec 14, 2017  |  Posted By Elizabeth from Austin, TX United States

The flight of chocolate bars is adorable and I've given them as gifts to everyone I know this year. This little satchel of goodness allows newbies to learn and taste the wonderful DIVINE chocolate in many of its possibilities. I will be buying many more of these in the years to come!

Simply Divine

Dec 13, 2017  |  Posted By Patricia from Cohoes, NY United States

This little bag of chocolates contains the finest chocolate given as a extra bit of sweet with gifts or alone for those who you think are as special as this candy. Just Divine !

Great gift!

Dec 9, 2017  |  Posted By Adam from El Paso, TX United States

The chocolate bars shipped quickly and make very attractive gifts.

Good to have around

Nov 8, 2017  |  Posted By John from NORWICH, CT United States

Great little gift to have for any occasion on short notice.

Perfect Token of Appreciation

Jan 5, 2017  |  Posted By Cookie from Jackson, MS United States

Not only is this chocolate delicious but it's perfectly wrapped to give as "happies" to people who may need a little pick-me-up or as a token of appreciation. Share them with friends to sample so they too might order. I was so glad I ordered the box and will continue to order and keep in my bag. Gratifying to know I'm helping, too!

Perfect for Stockings!

Dec 19, 2016  |  Posted By Linda from San Antonio, TX United States

These petite candy bars in the petite chocolate gift set are just the right size for stocking stuffers! And they come in such wonderful varieties! I predict these will be a big hit!

perfect gift for the dark chocolate lover

Dec 5, 2016  |  Posted By Gillian Armstrong from Denver, CO United States

If you've never tried Divine chocolate or simply want to give it as a gift, this selection is a great option. There are more dark chocolate flavors than others, and it includes a white chocolate bar as well. Each little bar is a great taste tester and I've found they are perfect for office gifts! Delicious as usual.

Stocking stuffers

Nov 22, 2016  |  Posted By Sheila Anderson from Redondo Beach, CA United States

These small bars are the perfect stocking stuffer, superb choc, with a conscience


Nov 15, 2016  |  Posted By christine Kuhns from Macungie, PA United States

I am very happy with my order

great stocking stuffers

Nov 8, 2016  |  Posted By Sheila from Redondo Beach, CA United States

the small packs of chocolate bars are great stocking stuffers... if you can keep them that long!!!