The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and Serrv are formally collaborating to promote fair trade consignment sales at the congregation level. Consignment sales offer congregations a special opportunity to directly support poor artisans and farmers in building businesses that, in turn, benefit impoverished communities and empower women. Your consignment sale is:

A mission to serve the poor, empowering artisans and farmers to build sustainable lives: to send their children to school, to dig community wells, to build health clinics, and to increase opportunity and training for women.

A way to reach out to your community, giving your congregation a fresh way to invite guests to visit, learn about your vision, and participate in a mission to eradicate poverty.

A way to serve, giving all members in your community, from the youngest to the oldest, a chance to give of themselves, their finances, and their creative energy. The community sale benefits and blesses many.

How it works for you:
  • Your church receives a 10% discount and free shipping on orders of $300 and more.
  • Your church can return unsold consignment crafts. (Food and beverages are non-returnable. But you can always eat and enjoy those at social events.)

Once You Receive Your Order
  • Look at your Step by Step Guide again.
  • Check your order against your invoice.
  • Form 3: Adjustment Form -- Did you get too many of one item? Anything broken or missing? Note it on this form and mail back within 10 days of receiving shipment.
  • Do one last Promotion push! Remind people to bring cash or checks (unless you have set up your own credit system, such as Square Up). Make sure to remind people to invite others to come and join the fun.

After Your Sale
Resources for your Sale:
Our friendly Customer Care representatives can answer your questions or direct you to someone who can. Call 1.888.294.9657 or e-mail your questions to