Get Organized! 5 Ways to Combat Clutter with Fair Trade Baskets


The relatives are coming, and you have to clean the house, but you don't know where to begin.

Every room looks like a whirlwind whipped through it. Clothes, magazines, and toys are scattered everywhere.

We've all been there. Whether it's because of kids, pets, or that craft project we started last month but just couldn't seem to finish, we've accumulated clutter we can't get rid of.

What if we told you that it's easier than you think to fix this problem?

When you think of organization, your first thought may be clear plastic containers or glass jars with chalkboard labels. At SERRV, we believe that handmade baskets are the number one go-to for combatting clutter. They're ethically-made, come in many shapes and sizes, and are gorgeous additions to any room.

We teamed up with our friend Nikki, mother of four and master organizer, to give you 5 ways you can use fair trade baskets to spruce up the busiest rooms in your home.

Mud Room/Entry

This can be one of the most cluttered areas in the house. You're ready to sit back and relax after a long day at work, so you toss your boots on the floor, chuck your coat on a chair, and drop your gloves wherever there's space. After a few trips outside, however, the mess can get overwhelming. None of us want to sit on a bench that's overflowing with outerwear.

Before and after using a decorative Bolga Basket to organize winter wear

How do we organize this? A basket of course! Our Orange Bulb Bolga Basket, with its unique but spacious shape, is perfect for storing all of your winter knits. Plus, when it gets warmer outside, you can simply pick it up by its leather-wrapped handle and carry it to your closet. With a basket this beautiful, however, you'll want to find an excuse to keep it out all year! Shop all our decorative baskets from Ghana and find one that fits your style.

Living Room

Once you've made it through the door, you'll head into your family room to unwind. There's just one problem-- your end table is full to the brim with remotes, magazines, cups and more.

Before and after using our Natural Arch Tray to organize your side table necessities

Solution? A handmade basket tray from Uganda. Use the Natural Arch Tray to keep clutter stylishly contained. The best part? You can put this tray anywhere. Keep it in your living room, or use it for afternoon tea, game-day appetizers, or breakfast in bed. Plus, each purchase supports skilled artisan women in rural Uganda with vital income and access to literacy classes. Ethical and organized!

Have pets? You know that toys can get out of hand. Either they're strewn about the living room, scattered around the house, or shoved into an unsightly mound in the corner where you hope no one will notice.

Before and after using our Round Aloe Bolga Basket to gather dog toys

You might have to play tug-of-war with Fido to get him to comply, but we think (and Nikki's dog seems to agree!) that our Round Aloe Bolga Basket is the perfect place to store all of those ropes, tennis balls, and stuffed animals that your four-legged friend loves. But why stop with pet toys? This basket, or any of our woven baskets from Ghana, is great for children's toys, blankets, gloves, craft supplies, game console controllers, or whatever else needs a stylish home.

Want some more tips for organizing with Bolga Baskets? Try storing some of these things in one of our many baskets:

  • Knitting supplies
  • Plastic/reusable bags
  • Throws
  • Sweaters
  • Firewood


You've organized your entryway, and tidied up your living room, but now an even more daunting task stands before you--corralling your kitchen. As the most important room in the house, everyone spends time here, whether it's to cook, clean up, or chat. We like to hide some of our clutter in our pantries, or stow it away on shelves or countertops. Plus, if you have kids, they're likely to forget to put things back where they belong. Whether you're on the run and trying to grab a quick bite to eat, or just looking to snack on something between meals, a messy pantry makes this more difficult.

Before and after using our Nesting Sari Baskets to corral snacks in the pantry

Fair trade baskets to the rescue! We used our Nesting Sari Basket Set from Bangladesh to take our snack shelves from scattered to sorted. This set of three sari-wrapped baskets is the perfect solution to an unwieldy pantry or countertop, and a great way to sort out your snacks. These baskets are among the most versatile of the handmade baskets we've mentioned, and are great in many rooms of your house. Use them for mail, sewing supplies, or lotions and soaps. Plus, each one of these baskets is made with upcycled sari, making this set of decorative baskets an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bins.

Now, it's time to wipe down the countertops, shine the stainless steel, and sanitize handles. Most of us keep our cleaning supplies under the sink in our kitchen or bathroom, or perhaps in a special, dedicated closet. But these wipes, sprays, and chemicals can be difficult to move from room to room, sometimes requiring multiple trips.

Before and after using a Chindi Basket to create a traveling cleaning kit

But your cleaning routine just got a lot easier. With a fair trade Chindi Basket, you can keep all of your cleaning supplies in a durable, easy-to-carry container. Each basket is handmade and completely unique, making cleaning (almost) fun! Don't want to store cleaning supplies in this beautiful basket? You can use it for whatever needs a home, including other kitchen and bathroom essentials, while supporting skilled artisans in Bangladesh.

Going Beyond

These are just a few things you can do to combat clutter in a fair trade way. Do you have unique ways you've used your baskets? Send us an email at to show off your organization skills, and have a chance to be featured on social media.

Love what you see? Check out our wide variety of one-of-a-kind handcrafted baskets, and find a storage solution that's perfect for your home. With so many unique options, there's certain to be one that aligns with your decorating style. Not only will you be making your life easier to navigate, you'll be helping small-scale artisans worldwide, supporting them with vital income, steady employment, and the opportunity to build a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities with every purchase. As always, thank you for your continued support of our mission and global fair trade!

Our baskets travel thousands of miles to get to you. Here, artisans prepare to transport our Round Aloe Baskets by bike and by hand.

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