Cooking with SERRV: SERRV Staff Recipe Favorites

Cooking in the SERRV Kitchen! Here's our beautiful mango wood Mandala Kitchen Collection.


Cooking with SERRV: Staff Recipe Favorites


Now that we're all eating at home more often, you may be wondering what to cook. Whether you're craving something global or just looking to spice up an old favorite, SERRV has a variety of delicious sauces, seasonings, and more to take your dish from wow to WOW. We asked SERRV staff what their favorite global spices and sauces were, then gathered some of their recipes for you to try!


SERRV Product Team member Patty enjoys using our Pineapple Chili Sauce on scrambled egg burritos! All you need is a tortilla, scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, and sauce. Cook your eggs, put them and the cheese in a warm tortilla, and drizzle Pineapple Chili sauce before wrapping up and enjoying. Breakfast is served!

Our Pineapple Chili Sauce is made by artisans in eSwatini who use local, organically grown chilies and other fresh ingredients to make their delicious sauces.

Our Za'atar Seasoning and Organic Olive Oil are favorites for many of the SERRV staff. Artisan Development Coordinator Kerry uses it to make Lablabi, a Tunisian chickpea soup. Here's a link to the recipe she recommends:


Za'atar and Organic Olive Oil are also great in recipes shared by Customer Care Supervisor Sarah: a pasta salad and homemade flat bread. Here are those recipes:

Za'atar Pasta Salad

Za'atar Manouche Flat Bread with Herbs

Customer Care Representative Ellen uses the Za'atar in pork and sauerkraut.

These delightful oils and spices are made in Israel, where the olives and spices are hand-grown by Arab farmers who receive fair prices for their crops.

Communications Coordinator Marie loves the Honey and Rooibos Balsamic Vinaigrette. She uses it in balsamic pork chops, creating a glaze made with the vinegar and maple syrup. She pairs the glazed pork chops with basmati rice, and drizzles the flavorful balsamic sauce over the top.

Liz from SERRV's product team likes to use Lemon-Infused Olive Oil to make salad dressing, or to add a little zing to roasted broccoli and brussels sprouts.  

Flavorful herb-infused olive oils are perfect for dressings, roast veggies, and bread dips.

SERRV Store Sales Manager Meredith gives brussels sprouts a different twist, roasting them along with yellow and sweet potatoes and pepitas. She then tossed them in a spoonful of sundried tomato mustard made with our Kariba Sunset Tomato Pepper. Delicious!

We've got a spice for every dish! Our selection of all-natural spice blends from South Africa ensures local farmers receive fair prices for their crops.

Madagascar Garlic Pepper is the go-to flavor for Sales Director Serena when it's time to prep dinner--it's quick and it tastes great with pretty much every dish. Her new breakfast favorite is some delightful Pineapple Mango Jam on peanut butter toast.

How do you use your SERRV spices and oils? Do you have recipes you'd like to share? We'd love to try them! Email us at, or tag us on Facebook. Thank you for cooking with fair trade products!

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