Redecorating with SERRV: Home Décor Favorites


We're all spending more time in our homes, whether it's at our desks or our dining room tables. Maybe you're finding more time to finish things around the house, including that redecorating project you've been staring at for months. What better way to redecorate than with fair trade handcrafts! You'll not only be helping build sustainable employment for global artisans and farmers who are struggling with poverty and COVID-19, you'll also be bringing beautiful, unique décor pieces to your home. We wanted to give you a list of our favorite home décor handcrafts, but we couldn't decide which ones to pick! So, we asked our SERRV staff to give us a few of their favorites for a little inspiration.

SERRV Customer Care Supervisor Sarah's favorite SERRV product is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind Kantha Throw. She loves how they're light enough to use in the spring and summer for when you need a quick nap, and they're also super comfy. Sarah even picked a couch to match her throws! And, she says, they're great for taking on airplanes.

A Kantha Patchwork Multi Throw makes for a perfect couch blanket!

SERRV product team member Liz couldn't pick just one handcraft to love! One of her favorites is the Chindi Stripe Laundry Basket. "It's beautiful with just the right amount of sari and looks perfect in my daughter Cece's room," she says. Complete it with a handmade cotton laundry basket liner, and you've got a fair trade way to keep clothes off the floor.

These handmade baskets are storage options you won't want to hide. Our Chindi Stripe Laundry Basket is perfect for Liz's home.

Liz also loves the La Sierra Throw. Not only is it gorgeous, she says, it's also soft and looks great on her orange chair.

An Ecuadoran La Sierra Red Woven Throw makes a stunning complement to Liz's bright orange chair.

SERRV Art Director Maribeth's favorite product is our Terracotta Elephant Lantern. Put a candle in it, and it puts out a warm glow that "makes the evening cozy and sweet," she says. There's also some symbolism behind this lantern! Maribeth says that "the weight and texture of this lantern underscore the symbolic meaning of the elephant--strength, wisdom, and meditation."

The Terracotta Elephant Lantern makes a perfect patio piece.

For Serena, SERRV's Sales Director, the Reversible Ikat/Sari Bedcover takes the cake. This beautiful handmade throw from India features beautiful ikat as well as hand-stitched kantha, and makes a great resting place for her dog Chiba (which means 1000 leaves in Japanese!).

Is there a comfier place for an afternoon snooze than on a handmade Ikat/Sari Bedcover?

SERRV Communications Coordinator Marie loves her Dockside Basket Set. "I have the short one right by my door to store my purse and anything else I need to travel with," she says, "and I use the tall one for my yoga gear." She also loves how well it goes with her décor.

These Dockside Baskets make for beautiful, sustainable storage. Plus, if you look, you can catch another SERRV product (hint: it's another kantha throw!).

Do you have new ideas on decorating your home? Already SERRV-ified your living space? We'd love to see! Send photos and stories to us at, or upload your photo to Facebook and tag us. As always, thank you for supporting fair trade!

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