New Brand, New Look: The New SERRV International


You may have noticed on our fall catalog that a few things look a little different. That's because we've updated our brand identity, and with that, a new way to share our mission.

What's behind our new brand message?

In a word: sustainability.

Every item we buy and sell creates income for an artisan or farmer with few options. But in order for our partners to reduce the effects of poverty, they need economic, environmental, social and intellectual opportunities that are steady and reliable.

At SERRV, this quadruple bottom line translates to employment, resources, rights and vision - empowering the poor not just to earn income, but to build a better world for themselves and their family.

After years as a Sales Exchange for Refugee Rehabilitation and Vocation (SERRV), our work took us to places where poverty is systemic.

The new meaning of our 5-letter acronym explains our worldwide work today with marginalized artisans and farmers, and our commitment to  sustainable improvement in all areas of their lives.

The meaning behind our new acronym, summed up.


Our new mission statement:

To empower small-scale global artisans and farmers through long-term trading partnerships, helping them build sustainable employment, resources, rights and a vision of hope in their communities.

Our artisan partners in Uganda are able to build sustainable employment and financial independence through fair trade.


Our new logo

To better fit our new brand identity, we've refreshed our logo.  All-capital letters celebrate our new acronym, while adding International honors our founding name and global work. Like each of our handcrafts, the typography for each letter is unique, and when contained in a square, resemble a stamp on an imported crate.

The new SERRV logo.


Our new tagline

Our tagline recognizes that handcrafting is a critical source of income and hope for many of the world's poor. But it recognizes one thing more. While artisans improve their world through sales of their crafts, we improve our own world with their beautiful handcrafts in our lives.

The new SERRV tagline.


Our story

Our name may have an extra 'R' in the middle - and a missing 'E' at the end, but our 5-letter acronym has a powerful story behind it.

Several years after WWII ended, our Sales Exchange for Refugee Rehabilitation and Vocation offered a way to purchase items handmade by struggling refugee artisans in Europe. After Europe stabilized, our work took us to developing countries, and today, SERRV International buys and sells handmade, fairly-traded products from small-scale artisans worldwide.

SERRV works with artisans from countries around the globe, including Peru.

Learn More

Visit Fair Trade to learn more about the new meaning behind our acronym, and Our Story for more information on SERRV's history.

As always, thank you for your continued support for both SERRV and our artisan partners, especially through these trying times.

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