For 25 years, Allpa has created and marketed fair trade Peruvian crafts of innovative design. Allpa emphasizes social responsibility with its producers and workers and is committed to fair trade principles.

Allpa was formed in 1986 as a way to help artisans develop their skills with the idea of finding new markets for them in the fair trade world. Since then, their main purpose has been to offer high quality, handmade products with sustained benefits for the artisans who craft them. Allpa has supported hundreds of artisans throughout Peru with fair trade values, product development and technological assistance, financial loans, and new market opportunities.

Today, Allpa's team is comprised of professionals, technicians, consultans, artisans and designers. They work together to combine design, traditional craftwork, quality, social responsibility, and fair trade principles. Allpa works in textiles, silver jewelry, woodcrafts, and pottery. Serrv began working with Allpa in the spring of 2013.

Meet an artisan who works with Allpa (printable PDF):

Products Made by Allpa

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