Build Your Own Bouquet while Building Income for Artisans

Would you believe us if we told you that you could have an entire bouquet of flowers that didn't need sunshine, watering, or any care, and yet it wouldn't wilt? And also that those same flowers were all-natural and truly unique? Our handmade flowers are all the above!

When you bring home a fair trade bouquet from SERRV, you're bringing home beautiful spring colors and styles while supporting fair trade artisans in India and the Philippines who earn income through handcrafting.

To make it easy to create the perfect handcrafted bouquet of everlasting flowers, we've put together a DIY floral arrangement guide. From daffodils to dahlias, we've got one-of-a-kind blooms for every room!

Step 1: Pick your flowers

The most important part of your floral arrangement is, you guessed it, the flowers! You'll find a wide variety of handcrafted flowers of all kinds, made from natural corn husks or eco-friendly sola pith. Not only are they easy to care for--they don't need sun nor water--they also provide a fair and vital income for artisans in India and the Philippines.

Corn Husk Lily & Orchid Bouquet

Not only are you coordinating your décor, you're also bringing meaning into your home. For spring (or any time of year!), our Corn Husk Lily & Orchid Bouquet brings refined beauty and thoughtfulness to any space. These gorgeous blooms also make perfect fair trade Easter decorations and they're cat-friendly, so you and your feline friend can enjoy the beautiful lily without the worry!

For a beautiful four season standard, our Sola Dahlia Bouquet and Stems make a dignified and artistic fair trade home décor option. Handmade from a fast-growing plant, the creamy white and copper blooms look great in a variety of settings. Even better, they're crafted by artisans in India who receive steady work in a safe environment. Want something a little simpler? Our Rosebud Sola Stem is a great alternative!

Sola Dahlia Bouquet

Sola Dahlia Stems

Rosebud Sola Stem

Need a tropical summer vacation? Our unique Tropical Corn Husk Bouquet brings a little paradise to your everyday with its bright colors and warm weather blooms. Add this gorgeous option to your home décor any time of year, and you'll support artisans in the Philippines with much-needed employment.

If you're longing for the holidays, we've got just the thing. You can bring out the handmade Christmas decorations a little early with some Corn Husk Poinsettias. These unique handmade blooms add festive charm and good cheer to your holiday table without risk to pets. For autumn, our Corn Husk Sunflowers are a great choice to add to your ensemble. The bold fall colors on each handmade petal will last throughout the season and fill your room with happiness whenever you see them. Best of all, they never wilt!

Step 2: Pick your container

To hold your freshly-picked flowers, you'll need a beautiful artisan-made vase! We have several options to choose from, each truly unique, just like your flowers.

Handmade Corn Husk Poinsettias, photo credit Humankind Fair Trade

Looking for rustic? Our Hogla Basket Vases, woven from eco-friendly hogla grass by artisans in Bangladesh, bring another handmade touch to your flowers, and look great with colors and neutrals alike.

If a woven vase doesn't fit your style, we also have the gorgeous Kiyara Glass Vase, handcrafted by artisans in India. It's perfect for taller stems. Use some floral foam to prop up your shorter stems to get the same beautiful look!

Did you know our popular utensil holders are good for holding more than kitchen tools? Pair our woven Chindi Stripe Utensil Holder or our handcrafted Chidiya Planter with some colorful corn husk flowers, or use our Lak Lake Ceramic Pitcher for your hand-picked blooms.

Chidiya Ceramic Planter, also great for real plants!

Lak Lake Ceramic Pitcher with Tropical Corn Husk Bouquet

If you're still not sure where you want your flowers to live, consider a handmade basket! Our Kukua Plant Basket from Uganda looks great with a bundle of sola blooms. Our woven baskets from Ghana are also great for big bouquets, or pick a mini basket for a mini arrangement!

Step 3: Add the finishing touch

Now that you have your bouquet and container, you're almost display ready. Nothing brings an ensemble together better than global handcrafted textiles, and we've got a wide variety of beautiful artisan-made table runners to complete the look.

For a year-round display, consider our block printed and screen-printed cotton table runners from India. The bold Geo Stripe Dabu Table Runner looks great on any table, and the Sunny Sanganer Runner brings bright spring and summer color to buffets and bookcases. If you're decorating for the season, a hand-embroidered table runner with bunnies for Easter, leaves for fall, or stockings for Christmas will do the trick, and will help employ Hindu, Christian, and Muslim women in India.

Geo Stripe Dabu Table Runner

Sunny Sanganer Table Runner

Premade Arrangements

If you haven't seen them yet, check out our ready-to-display handmade floral arrangements! Our eco-friendly Sola Magnolias with Celadon Vase or our Sola Succulent are table-ready home accents, or put them in your home office or at your desk. They also make beautiful handmade gifts!

Sola Magnolias with Celadon Vase

Sola Succulent

You'll find all these and more handmade fair trade options at And if you've DIY-ed your own bouquet already, we'd love to see it! Send us photos at Happy arranging!

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