Dhaka Handicrafts

Dhaka Handicrafts is a non-profit organization which assists artisans in Bangladesh to attain self-sufficiency, and at the same time to encourage and market traditional craftsmanship. Dhaka works with 42 groups in different parts of Bangladesh and has created employment for 1,800 families, with over 10,800 beneficiaries.

With a motto of 'producers first,' Dhaka offers benefits to artisans including interest-free advances on orders for the purchase of raw materials, continuous skill development training, a retirement savings plan, health care facilities, training, and equal pay and benefits for women. Started as a project of Enfants du Monde, a Swiss development organization, Dhaka is now an artisan-owned organization, and the artisans participate in the decision making of the organization.

With over 25 years of experience, Dhaka is one of the largest craft producing and exporting organizations in Bangladesh set up for the benefit of traditional crafts makers. Their specialty is woven baskets from natural fibers, and terracotta pottery. Serrv has worked with Dhaka since 1984.

Meet some artisans who work with Dhaka Handicrafts (printable PDFs and videos):

Dhaka Bangladesh YouTube

Products Made by Dhaka Handicrafts

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