Tintsaba, which means 'mountains" in the local Swazi dialect, was created in 1985 to improve the lives of rural Swazi women. Tintsaba started with just 12 women, and, to date, has trained almost 900 women and exports its sisal baskets and jewelry to buyers around the world.

Training is the essence of Tintsaba. Today, nearly 1000 rural women receive training in literacy, business English, committee structure, health education and production techniques. A mobile homeopathic clinic serves rural groups and staff suffering from HIV/AIDS. Serrv began to work with Tintsaba in 2010.

Read stories about Tintsaba and its artisans (printable PDFs and videos):

Tintsaba Swaziland YouTube

Products Made by Tintsaba

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Khaki Grasslands Gallery Basket

In a time-consuming and exacting process, master women weavers in rural Swaziland use a needle and thread to tightly wrap brightly dyed sisal in stunning detail and pattern. Every basket is a true work of art! 3 3/4"h x 12 1/4"dia
Item #: 84080

New Day Gallery Basket

In an exacting process, master women weavers in rural Swaziland use a small needle to wrap brightly colored sisal thread around the coils of these intricate baskets. Stunning in craftsmanship, color, and design, each is a truly remarkable work of art. 3 1/4"h x 12 1/2"dia
Item #: 84076

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