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Autumn Acai Bead Necklace Autumn Acai Bead Necklace
Waterfall Tagua Squares Bead Necklace Waterfall Tagua Squares Bead Necklace
Raindrop Tagua Earrings Raindrop Tagua Earrings
Seaside Tagua Earrings Seaside Tagua Earrings
Spiral Sari Earrings Spiral Sari Earrings
Cool Sari Hoops Cool Sari Hoops
Warm Sari Hoops Warm Sari Hoops
Natural Oval Earrings Natural Oval Earrings
Natural Oval Pendant Necklace Natural Oval Pendant Necklace
African Batik Long Natural Necklace African Batik Long Natural Necklace
African Batik Statement Necklace African Batik Statement Necklace
African Batik Triple Strand Necklace African Batik Triple Strand Necklace
African Batik & Brass Earrings African Batik & Brass Earrings
Peruvian Lapis Circle Earrings Peruvian Lapis Circle Earrings
Peruvian Azurite Earrings Peruvian Azurite Earrings
Five-Strand Sari Bead Necklace Five-Strand Sari Bead Necklace
Acai Blue Berry Necklace Acai Blue Berry Necklace
Acai Red Berry Necklace Acai Red Berry Necklace
Tranquility Necklace Tranquility Necklace
Compassion Necklace Compassion Necklace
Confetti Necklace Confetti Necklace
Confetti Earrings Confetti Earrings
Calor Necklace Calor Necklace
Two-Tone Tagua Necklace Two-Tone Tagua Necklace
Cobalt Necklace Cobalt Necklace
Claret Necklace Claret Necklace
Long Sari Bead and Brass Necklace Long Sari Bead and Brass Necklace
Long Cool Tones Sari Necklace Long Cool Tones Sari Necklace
Sari Triple Strand Necklace Sari Triple Strand Necklace
Stretch Sari Bracelet Set Stretch Sari Bracelet Set
Simple Sari Bead Necklace Simple Sari Bead Necklace
Sari Bead Necklace & Bracelet Set Sari Bead Necklace & Bracelet Set
Long Multi Sari Bead Necklace Long Multi Sari Bead Necklace
Triple Sari Bead Earrings Triple Sari Bead Earrings
Blue Sari Bead & Brass Earrings Blue Sari Bead & Brass Earrings
Red Sari Bead & Brass Earrings Red Sari Bead & Brass Earrings
Purple Geode Necklace Purple Geode Necklace
Long Teardrop Pendant Necklace Long Teardrop Pendant Necklace
Long Chevron Pendant Necklace Long Chevron Pendant Necklace
Long Half Moon Pendant Necklace Long Half Moon Pendant Necklace
Peruvian Turquoise Column Earrings Peruvian Turquoise Column Earrings
Woodflower Teardrop Earrings Woodflower Teardrop Earrings
Woodflower Teardrop Pendant Necklace Woodflower Teardrop Pendant Necklace
Natural Bar Earrings - Light Natural Bar Earrings - Light
Natural Bar Earrings - Dark Natural Bar Earrings - Dark
Natural Bar Pendant Necklace - Light Natural Bar Pendant Necklace - Light
Natural Bar Pendant Necklace - Dark Natural Bar Pendant Necklace - Dark
African Batik Drop Earrings African Batik Drop Earrings
African Batik Stretch Bracelet African Batik Stretch Bracelet
Brass Ring Necklace Brass Ring Necklace
Drop Shadow Earrings Drop Shadow Earrings
Aqua Cluster Earrings Aqua Cluster Earrings
Peruvian Pyrite Druzy Earrings Peruvian Pyrite Druzy Earrings
Peruvian Long Labradorite Earrings  Peruvian Long Labradorite Earrings
Peruvian Andean River Triangle Earrings Peruvian Andean River Triangle Earrings
Peruvian Pyrite Druzy Posts Peruvian Pyrite Druzy Posts
Luna Earrings Luna Earrings
Sibuyan Sea Capiz Earrings Sibuyan Sea Capiz Earrings
Freewheel Earrings Freewheel Earrings
Teal Disc Earrings Teal Disc Earrings
Andean River Drop Pendant Necklace Andean River Drop Pendant Necklace
Recycled Elements Necklace Recycled Elements Necklace
Balance Pendant Balance Pendant
Abalone Leaf Earrings Abalone Leaf Earrings
Abalone Vine Earrings Abalone Vine Earrings
Abalone Cutout Leaf Earrings Abalone Cutout Leaf Earrings
Double Half Moon Necklace Double Half Moon Necklace
Wood Seed Bead Necklace Wood Seed Bead Necklace
Night & Day Necklace Night & Day Necklace
Bold Turquoise Necklace Bold Turquoise Necklace
Bordeaux Necklace Bordeaux Necklace
Tranquil Black Necklace Tranquil Black Necklace
Abalone Vine Cuff Abalone Vine Cuff
Gorara & Brass Horseshoe Necklace Gorara & Brass Horseshoe Necklace
Tranquil Burgundy Necklace Tranquil Burgundy Necklace
Abalone Cutout Leaf Pendant Necklace Abalone Cutout Leaf Pendant Necklace
Arrow Pendant Necklace Arrow Pendant Necklace
Charmed Necklace Charmed Necklace
Maasai Layered Necklace Maasai Layered Necklace
Rajasthani Princess Necklace Rajasthani Princess Necklace
African Batik Long Necklace African Batik Long Necklace
Tranquil Turquoise Necklace Tranquil Turquoise Necklace
Vistoso Extra Long Necklace Vistoso Extra Long Necklace
Vistoso Layered Necklace Vistoso Layered Necklace
Eventide Pendant Necklace Eventide Pendant Necklace
Bella Pendant Necklace Bella Pendant Necklace
Radiant Maasai Necklace Radiant Maasai Necklace
Festival Pendant Necklace Festival Pendant Necklace
Lustrous Abalone Cuff Lustrous Abalone Cuff
Peruvian Turquoise Posts Peruvian Turquoise Posts
Audrey Earrings Audrey Earrings
Abalone Shell Post Earrings Abalone Shell Post Earrings
Festival Earrings Festival Earrings
Verde Earrings Verde Earrings
Quatrefoil Earrings Quatrefoil Earrings
Sari Wrap Bracelet Sari Wrap Bracelet
Celtic Cross Pendant Necklace Celtic Cross Pendant Necklace
Mini Olive Wood Cross Necklace Mini Olive Wood Cross Necklace
Lapis Bead Necklace Lapis Bead Necklace
Bold Burgundy Necklace Bold Burgundy Necklace
Cool Radiance Necklace Cool Radiance Necklace
Split Sari Bead Necklace Split Sari Bead Necklace
Shimmering Rainbow Necklace Shimmering Rainbow Necklace
Layered Multi Necklace Layered Multi Necklace
Natural Quartz Pendant Natural Quartz Pendant
Open Teardrop Earrings Open Teardrop Earrings