Jun 22, 2022  |  Posted By Nathan from Warrensburg, MO United States

Very nice tea with a light chocolatey taste, excellent quality tea, and good value for how much there is


Dec 19, 2021  |  Posted By Sandy from Gaithersburg, MD United States

The smell of this tea, stimulates your tastebuds. Drinking this tea satisfies that hunger. I drink it without additional sweetener. Throughly enjoying this gift to me.

My favorite thing to drink

Oct 27, 2021  |  Posted By Kelly from Charlotte , NC United States

This is so yummy! It makes me feel like I am pampering myself a little every afternoon when I have a cup.


Apr 27, 2021  |  Posted By Joy from Macedonia , OH United States

This tea is really fantastic! It has a nice chocolate flavor that blends very well with the tea. A little cream and sugar (for me), and I have a real treat!


Nov 29, 2020  |  Posted By Rebecca Nold from Glenville, NY United States

The aroma and taste says "cocoa"!


Nov 22, 2020  |  Posted By Hawana from Richardson , TX United States

Actually drinking a cup right now. A light blend of two favorite flavors. Just a hint of chocolate with a floral aroma. Just right for an afternoon pick-me-up. I haven't felt the need to add sweetener of any kind.

I love it!

Nov 14, 2020  |  Posted By Elizabeth K Kearney from Arden, NC United States

This was an experiment. It is delicious and I will order again.


Oct 25, 2020  |  Posted By Joy from Macedonia , OH United States

This is such a pleasant surprise! It's a smooth, mellow tea with good tea and chocolate flavor. I'm so impressed! So happy I tried this!


Jan 1, 2020  |  Posted By Jenny from Spring Hope, NC United States

I want really sure what to expect from Purple Chocolate Tea, but what I got was a cup of wonderful! This is definitely my new favorite!

It really is!

Apr 28, 2019  |  Posted By Julia Povala from Ontario , CA United States

My morning tea was wonderful. The color was fun and the scent and taste was great.