46309 - Aribo Smooth Roof Birdhouse

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Already has new tenants!

Jun 14, 2022  |  Posted By Sherry Douglas from Carpentersville, IL United States

I was excited to hang my birdhouse. Just after a few weeks, I already have chirping baby birds!

A wonderful, creative product

Mar 24, 2022  |  Posted By Christine from Greenland, NH United States

When I realize the amount of handwork that goes into the making of this birdhouse- cutting of fabric, twisting of fabric into cord, creating a steel frame, and sewing the cord onto the frame- I am in amazement of how these woman can create such a great piece. Many hours of work to complete just one. So creatively made!

Nice but kinda pricey

Dec 20, 2021  |  Posted By Julie Sorensen from SYCAMORE, IL United States

This a sweet little house, but seems a little pricey to me.