37576 - Toona Batik Figures

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Jan 9, 2024  |  Posted By Shelley Mueller from San Diego, CA United States

I bought these as a gift and anticipated that it would be hard for me to give them because I would feel like I selfishly wanted to keep them for myself. I know that every pair is going to be unique and even the very same artist would not carve them the same way twice. I know this perhaps better than most, since I have been a professional artist for over 30 years. However, my figures did not have nearly similar facial features of the ones in the picture on the website. Mine were roughed in and the overall facial expressions were ones of unhappiness. It just wouldn't do to give a Christian a depiction of Joseph and Mary that made them look miserable over the new baby. I imagined my friend's face when she opened the gift and was... I'm sure how to respond to my gift. I was out-of-pocket the shipping costs in both directions, but I had to return the figures.


Jan 9, 2022  |  Posted By Dana Watkins from Orange, CA United States

I was so disappointed when I tried to order this nativity and found it was out of stock. Fortunately, I was notified a couple of weeks later that they had it back, and it was promptly mailed out to me. It towers over some of my other nativities, and it is absolutely beautiful. The two pieces are tall and stately, and the decorative paint dots add to their exoticism and elegance. I have many nativities; this one might be my new favorite.

Beautifully crafted nativity

Dec 6, 2018  |  Posted By Heather Callow from Torrance, CA United States

The workmanship and design are excellent. Unfortunately, mine arrived with one figure broken at the neck. They do need to be packed more securely so there is no possibility of shifting around during shipping. I hope you will continue to stock them -- just pack them better!


Nov 1, 2018  |  Posted By Rochelle from little egg harbor , NJ United States

I am so pleased with my purchase of these figurines. The workmanship is so precise and the details in the wood carvings are excellent. Thanks Serrv for your prompt shipment.

Elegant silhouettes

Nov 5, 2017  |  Posted By John from Klein , TX United States

The nativity is a beautiful silhouette of the holy family with amazing artwork on the lower portion of the pieces.

Mary and Joseph figures

Nov 23, 2016  |  Posted By Melanie Kempff from Spokane, WA United States

These are just beautiful.

Loveliest Holy Family Ever

Nov 24, 2013  |  Posted By ElleStyle from Ashland, OR United States

These pieces are simply stunning. The craftsmanship is excellent, and the glossy wood shines in the light. The figures are so elegantly shaped and quite dear. The humanity of the artist is evident in these pieces. I know many people would display these as Christmas decoration, but I wouldn't dream of putting these away. They are part of my own "permanent collection!" I guess it's obvious how pleased I am with my purchase! I am thinking of people I know for whom these would be an original and unexpected gift. Don't pass up these lovely statuettes.


Dec 17, 2012  |  Posted By Leslye from Smyrna, GA United States

This is truly striking...photo does not reflect its beauty.