How to: DIY Holiday Peace Wreath

A stunning Peace Wreath, decorated by floral designer Scott Ellingboe

Pull on your sweater. Cue the carols.

Christmas is just around the corner and one thing that a lot of people enjoy hanging up in addition to stockings and mistletoe is a beautiful Christmas wreath. They're the perfect decoration for a front door, window, or even lampposts. Wreaths are timeless, classy, and easy to personalize. They also carry a lot of symbolic meaning, from eternal life to looking forward to spring.


An artisan from ARP Handicrafts constructing a Peace Wreath

Every Peace Wreath symbolizes peace, of course, but Serrv's Peace Wreath also stands for fair wages, safe working conditions, and equality for all -- a meal on the table for an artisan family in the Philippines, a livelihood for men and women in Quezon who rely on handcrafts to provide for themselves and their families, and keeping traditional handcrafting techniques alive through generations of artisans.

These sustainable, beautifully handmade Peace Wreaths are crafted by artisans at ARP Handicrafts, a home-based workshop on Luzon, the Philippines' largest island. By using a Peace Wreath in your holiday décor, you're supporting this small group of artisans who are working to provide for their children. You're also getting rustic appeal with sustainably harvested takip-asin wood hand-wrapped in all-natural galtang vine. To learn more about the family workshop that creates the Peace Wreath, read our blog post.

An undecorated Peace Wreath alongside a Peace Wreath arranged by Scott Ellingboe

How to Decorate Your Wreath

This year we worked with Scott Ellingboe, friend of Serrv and professional floral designer, to give our favorite wreath a festive facelift. For the wreath above, Scott used beautiful red berries, evergreen branches, and eucalyptus leaves to give the Peace Wreath a classic Christmas look. 

Of course, the natural look doesn't align with everyone's style. Luckily, the Peace Wreath lends itself to being decorated with lights, greenery, ribbons, bows, ornaments, and more, so that you can personalize how you spread the word of peace and fair trade to your guests this holiday season.  Want to do something a little less traditional? Consider one of the décor approaches below:

Vintage Appeal

Have classic ornaments you can't fit on your tree? Consider adding them to your wreath. Décor inspired by Christmases gone by lets you channel your love for the past into a timeless decorative piece you'll want to use again and again.


Minimalist Accents

Less is more. Whites, greys, and soft neutrals with simple greenery and accents completes a Scandinavian-inspired Christmas. A single sprig of evergreen makes for an easy DIY.

Bright and Colorful

The more, the merrier. Bring in purples, blues, pinks, and other non-traditional Christmas colors into your wreath with ornaments, baubles, and ribbons.

A festive spring Peace Wreath

Our Peace Wreath isn't just for Christmas, however. Consider using it to decorate year-round! It's a versatile wreath that looks good every day of the year, and it spreads peace and fair trade, no matter the season.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few tips to help you take your holiday to the next level. How have you decorated your peace wreath? Send us an email at to show off your inner decorator, and have a chance to be featured on social media.

Feeling inspired, but don't have a wreath yet? Head over to our website and check out our selection of artisan-made wreaths. There's sure to be one that aligns with your Christmas décor plans, and you'll be providing employment to artisans around the world. Thank you for spreading the message of peace this season!

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