Key Stats

Capital: Yaounde

Population: 25 million

Average life expectancy: 59 years

Literacy rate: 75%

Population living below poverty line: 30%

Population without electricity: 10.1 million

Population without access to safe drinking water: 6.1 million

Most widely spoken language: French

Source: The World Factbook

About Cameroon

Cameroon is a Central African country located on the Gulf of Guinea. Through its history of British and French colonialism, most people speak English or French, though more than 100 other dialects are spoken as well. It has one of the stronger economies in sub-Saharan Africa, but its people continue to face problems like corruption, unequal wealth distribution, and a lack of adequate infrastructure. Traditional arts and crafts are practiced throughout the country; the high-quality clay of the Western Highlands is particularly well suited to pottery.

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